Secret Santa 2017 Endgame - Merry Christmas

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Re: Secret Santa 2017 Endgame - Merry Christmas

Postby LaserGuy » Fri Dec 22, 2017 7:27 pm UTC

Also if anyone has any comments on the setup/game re: modding, flavor, balance, etc., please let us know either in thread or by PM. This is our first time modding so we appreciate the feedback.

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Re: Secret Santa 2017 Endgame - Merry Christmas

Postby bessie » Sat Dec 23, 2017 8:36 am UTC

Late as always. First and most important, Thank you LaserGuy and Peaceful Whale for running the game! LaserGuy, thanks for taking on such a challenging task modding your first game! Peaceful Whale, did you write the flavor? I’m quite impressed, you did a great job! I am working on some feedback regarding the game which I will pm or post later.

Maven89- Sorry RL got in the way, please come back and play with us again after your life settles down.

Suzaku- Hope all is well with RL. I am glad to see you’re back on the forum and I hope you stick around this time.

flicky1991- Thank you for replacing into such a bad position, and doing what you could with the role.

Liri- (refer to this Gojoe post.)
Liri wrote:OK guys, are you gonna buy jim's bessie read? I think it might go too far - it's so in-depth that I want to think, "wow, he really is her partner."
I think jimbob would have produced an equally in-depth read regardless of either of our alignments. If you read through some old games you will find that some players are wall-of-text posters, and other players post very little, regardless of alignment. Scum can and does produce high quality content, and the challenge of working through the puzzle keeps me hooked on this game.
Liri wrote:All in all, I think being aware of the meta game but not having been part of it screwed me over a bit.
The Secret Santa games are really not the easiest games for newbies, as they can be unbalanced and bastard. And, well, I’ll just say this and hope I don’t come off as too much of a sasshole, meta was against town this game, but I like to think that jimbob and I played a decent game and that meta wasn’t the only thing responsible for our win. Liri, I think you did extremely well, your analysis was a good start, follow through, and don’t worry about being wrong (most of us are wrong more often than we are right). I really hope you sign up for wam’s newbie game, or another game in the near future.

somitomi- Your played a very good game, I think you did well enough to lose the newbie label soon! Some advice, on this forum it is very rare for dead players to have an opportunity to post before the mod declares them dead (Crossover was the first game I ever played with a twilight), so if you’re dead town you should be spilling your guts about everything you think or know, as scum already has more information than town. But thanks for not knowing that, Madge would almost certainly have copped me. :)

wam- Thank you for keeping my greatest fear occupied on D1. :lol:

plytho- You weren’t our N1 kill choice, but I wasn’t sorry you died because you’re too frickin smart and would have figured things out if you lived long enough. For proof of plytho’s brilliant deductive powers see here. And here.

moody7277- You can take consolation in knowing that you were the biggest thorn in my side, as your power made it impossible for us to select our preferred targets. :P

Madge- If anyone ever tries to deny Madge’s natural brilliant insightfulness again I will point them to this. Your gut instinct was correct, if you had that manual and another night you certainly would have caught me.
Madge wrote:just realised that if i'd followed my NORMAL meta of claiming details of my power d1 then somitomi would have known the contents of his message would be useful to me and would be able to provide me with some of them as information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ugh HINDSIGHT amirite?
Maybe it’s just confirmation that you should play the game how you feel comfortable playing and screw the rest of us if we don’t like it; I think you will find most of us love you just the way you are. Of course I reserve the right to attack you in every game for your content regardless. :P Oh, and did the job interview work out? :?:

Sabrar- I’m so sorry about D3. If we had known it would be over, we would have hammered here when we were all on line.

Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit.
Vergil, Aeneid, I.203.

jimbobmacdoodle- I can never trust him again, read through the scum chat logs to see why. jimbob was able to analyze and decide on the best course of action every day, very often noticing details I missed, and never slipping up in thread. Thank you for being my light as I stumbled through my first scum game in a very long time (almost two years!).

Thanks again to everyone involved with this game. I had a difficult month, and this game gave me something to look forward every night when I got home.

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Re: Secret Santa 2017 Endgame - Merry Christmas

Postby Madge » Sat Dec 23, 2017 10:43 pm UTC

@Bessie - you're a sweetie pie! Thanks!


The job interview went great - I knew it would because of course it would I'm great at my job, I've been doing the job I was being interviewed for for 3 years, I scrub up damn well and I'm charismatic. My boss had previously told me to make sure I talk slowly and think before I answer questions :roll:. Just because I'm frenetic and scatterbrained IRL doesn't mean I can't put on a good show for 1 hour.

Got off to a slightly rocky start, was asked to talk about traffic engineering experience and I went into a specific example and finished the answer and then as they were about to go to the next question I realised I missed a HUGE IMPORTANT PART (going on a site visit to actually see how the road looks which is vital for obvious reasons) and I interrupted and said "excuse me, I forgot to mention site visits and they are very important" but I could see from body language that everyone was very glad to hear me mention it. Anyway one of the next questions was basically "what does project management mean to you?" and I'd read in my getting-the-job book that after answering a question you should ask them to confirm "was that answer what you were looking for?" so they can tell you to go again if you went really off-base. So I went on a huge tirade about a few projects I managed and all the different parts of it and how important quality was to me(shoutout bessie)/etc, and then I was like "... did that cover everything you were looking for?" and they just had this very impressed look and were like "yes that was great" and that made me comfortable again. Then at the end of the interview the "getting-the-job" book specified that it is really important to make sure you get a chance to mention anything you wanted them to ask about but they didn't, and why you're better, so I talked about my unique skill set (computer science degree yo!) and mentioned how I'd used macros in excel (actual coders: i know i know) to automate a 2 hour task down to 3 minutes as well as THE OBVIOUS FACT I HAVE BEEN DOING THE JOB FOR THREE YEARS WHY DOES THE SYSTEM REQUIRE ME TO APPLY FOR IT ALONG WITH THREE OTHER MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC WHO PROBABLY HAVE NO CHANCE. I could tell they were super impressed by that too.

So if I don't get the job (will hear sometime after christmas, sigh) then I know that either the guy who gets it has to be super amazingly qualified (and I'll be working with them so I will be able to assess this) or they have to be like super sexist or something and I get to pursue a grievance against the process. But probably the "Madge gets the job" will reign. I am very likely to want to apply for other jobs over the next year so you will see many more updates to the Madge Job Saga.

Fun fact: In government jobs you get a worksheet with the questions you're being asked 15 minutes before the interview starts and you can read them and plan your answers. I cross-referenced the skills each question was asking for with examples I'd written out in a book I took with me, copied down the most relevant examples for each, and *that* took me the full 15 minutes. So definitely not enough time to think up answers if you're not prepared.

In accident-prone-Madge news: I managed to drop a knife and try to catch it by the blade, resulting in a lot of pain and a QUITE deep cut in my fingertip. I ended up going to the GP the next day and they glued it shut and put some of those "stitch stickers" (wtf are they called) on it too. Thankfully my foot injury 6 months ago meant I'm up to date on tetanus.
I'm writing a supernatural romance novel, it updates the first weekend of every month. You can find it here.

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Re: Secret Santa 2017 Endgame - Merry Christmas

Postby Madge » Sat Dec 23, 2017 10:44 pm UTC

@bessie: and feel free to use the fact I can whip 15000 words about myself on short notice so I should really be able to whip up a reads list and am just being lazy when I don't :wink:
I'm writing a supernatural romance novel, it updates the first weekend of every month. You can find it here.

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Re: Secret Santa 2017 Endgame - Merry Christmas

Postby Evil George Washington » Thu Feb 15, 2018 8:15 am UTC

Congrats on getting the job Madge.

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