Darkest Dungeon Mafia: Daybreak (Endgame)

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Re: Darkest Dungeon Mafia: Daybreak (Endgame)

Postby Sabrar » Sat Apr 07, 2018 4:49 am UTC

Vicarin wrote:- Sabrar: I wanted to slap you and say "You dolt!" after that town crier message going after people who hadn't messaged much, despite the only flip we had showing a messaging restriction! And then it turns out you'd been messaged by Madge too claiming that restriction? Argh.
Exactly. Didn't think more players would have the same restriction in a game where the messaging is the only way to communicate.

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Re: Darkest Dungeon Mafia: Daybreak (Endgame)

Postby bessie » Sat Apr 07, 2018 6:09 pm UTC

Still reading through/ absorbing game content. Initial thoughts:

Whew, good thing I was too busy to play this, I’m sure I would have screwed it up. :P Would play the next one though. It’s difficult for me to get a sense of the pacing since I’m just reading it now, but agree with LaserGuy’s general thoughts here.

LaserGuy wrote: I'm still on the fence about what the right thing to do with role names is. I liked that players would have the option of posting anonymously or not, but by-and-large this didn't have a big effect on play.
But posting totally anonymously wasn’t an option, as all messages had to be signed. Probably didn’t affect this game, but might in a longer/large game?

As should be expected, reading Sabrar’s QT was … entertaining. :lol: Re the cipher thing, I think Sabrar has a good point in QT post 15, in that there are probably some players that know each other well enough to knowingly identify themselves to each other without signing their names. Or even unknowingly, see jimbob QT post 25.

LaserGuy, why did you put the Town Crier message in the QTs instead of the game thread? Was it supposed to be clear everyone received the message or was it supposed to be ambiguous?

Zenii wrote:So, I have a 7-player game, four of them actually, if anyone is up for one.

1. The Princess & the Painter. Another variation of this format
2. The Seven Deadly Zens. An exploration of my ego.
3. Mini BiM (Bad Idea Mafia). Everyone gets a day vig.
4. Reincarnation Mafia. Every time you die, you're assigned a new role.

#2. :) I totally want to be one of Zen’s magic egos. :D

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Re: Darkest Dungeon Mafia: Momentary Daybreak (Endgame)

Postby wam » Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:41 am UTC

Outgoing questions for players:
-Did you enjoy the format? I am torn. It was good but I prefer traditional mafia.
-Did you like your role? Too strong, too weak, too difficult to use, etc. Mine was pretty straightforward!
-Did you like the messaging system? Was it too slow/clunky? As you mentioned I think being able to reply to rolenames would be good.
-What do you think about the setup balance? Were there any roles that you felt were too strong/too weak, etc.? I think it's a very hard setup to balance and will be swingy whatever you setup.
-If I ran another dayless setup, would you play again. Not sure struggled to get into this but was enjoying it at the end.
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