The Legend of Mafia Manor: Newbie Round- Iz ded.

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Re: The Legend of Mafia Manor: Newbie Round- Day 2 (finally?)

Postby Weeks » Mon Feb 22, 2010 10:22 pm UTC

Yes, you were just about to die.

ThinkSweet wrote:Hi Kolko!

Tonight Weeks is going to kill Tavsan.

thank you.
TaintedDeity wrote:Tainted Deity
suffer-cait wrote:One day I'm gun a go visit weeks and discover they're just a computer in a trashcan at an ice cream shop.

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Re: The Legend of Mafia Manor: Newbie Round- Day 2 (finally?)

Postby Sungura » Mon Feb 22, 2010 11:30 pm UTC

Haha I figured I wouldn't survive the night. Think Sweet was one of the few left on my "unknown" list (I was sure of MoA, Dedalus, and Rakysh, and sure of Weeks being scum so that left what...TS and Rhyme I think, yes?) and I followed him/her night 2 in case Avelion wasn't mafia. So I would have...watched him/her kill me. Amusing. Oh well. I really thought it was an Avelion/Weeks mafia though. I was slightly off there - the back and forth between you and Avelion I saw going on made me think you were working together. *adjusts sk vs scumdar slightly* hey, it's been a while.
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