Things a Perfect logician would Discover

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Re: Things a Perfect logician would Discover

Postby gmalivuk » Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:48 pm UTC

mfb wrote:
gmalivuk wrote:Why would a perfect logician reject the hypothesis that the button only results in food the first 100 times it's pressed?
He would not reject it. But he could assign a low probability to this, using the approach to look for the minimal turing machine (probably with a source of randomness) with this output.
Preferring that approach would be an additional constraint, as would Occam's Razor (which I suppose the minimal Turing approach is an implementation of). I have no problem with the claim that a logician will come up with some pretty good theories if it *also* has an ingrained desire to find the most compact explanation for observations. I was only picking at the notion that logic and a vague desire to "describe all of nature mathematically" would by themselves be enough to do the trick. Basically by making the point that there are lots of ways to describe something mathematically, and no purely logical reason to prefer some over others.
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