1445: "Efficiency"

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Re: 1445: "Efficiency"

Postby addams » Fri Nov 14, 2014 1:13 pm UTC

Klear wrote:
12obin wrote:Maybe he evaluated how he makes comics and decided that the most efficient thing is to rehash old premises.

Took him long enough to realize that.

''There is nothing new under the sun."
Everything is a rehash of older stuff.
The new stuff tends to get heavier and heavier.

You recognize a thing.
Is it Too Heavy for your mind to lift?

That's ok.
It's human of us.

Like the Monkeys we are;
We walk around it.
Look at it.

Taste it.
Try to pick it up.
Piss on it and leave.
Life is, just, an exchange of electrons; It is up to us to give it meaning.

We are all in The Gutter.
Some of us see The Gutter.
Some of us see The Stars.
by mr. Oscar Wilde.

Those that want to Know; Know.
Those that do not Know; Don't tell them.
They do terrible things to people that Tell Them.

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