1775: "Things You Learn"

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Re: 1775: Things You Learn

Postby Benefuchs » Fri Dec 23, 2016 2:10 am UTC

Setting aside the cat bites for a while, what I'd add to the top right quadrant: What drowning looks like.

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Re: 1775: Things You Learn

Postby tmp-20161223 » Fri Dec 23, 2016 2:37 am UTC

As for cat bites, I have a cat and he occasionally drinks out of glasses of water I leave lying around. I am also a heroin user, as is a friend of mine, often IV injecting. I usually use the sterile water that is obtainable from harm reduction/needle exchange clinics when making a solution for injecting, but one day my friend couldn't find any and used about 1ml of water from a nearby glass. Unfortunately it turns out my friend Catherine had drunk from the glass and left saliva/drool with some nasty cat germs in it. We only found this out after he had to go to hospital with a nasty abscess, and the A&E doctor took a sample from the wound for analysis - which tested positive for bacteria only found in cat saliva. It was touch and go whether his leg would be amputated, and the wound is still infected and may eventually need a skin graft.

Anyway, the moral(s) of the story are that 1. cats have nasty saliva, 2. you shouldn't take heroin, 3. if you do, don't let your cat drink from the water used in the injecting solution!

(posted anonymously for obvious reasons...)

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Re: 1775: Things You Learn

Postby Sableagle » Sat Dec 24, 2016 9:43 am UTC

azule wrote:
Moose Anus wrote:Late at night, Randall stops at a stop light. As he's waiting for it to turn green, he mumbles, "You're a kitty." The light turns green, he steps on the gas and says, "Oh pretty kitty. Wait what?" He pulls over, pops the hood, gets out and opens it. A cat jumps out and bites him on the face, puncturing his nose in four places. "Good kitty kitty," he says as blood streams down his chin. It has begun.

Opened hood. Received cat scratch fever. Would not stop again.

Instead of fan belt, engine compartment contained bobcat.

Pfhorrest wrote:The ability (or probability) of a cat to produce something I would call a "deep puncture wound" is what I'm doubting.
It does depend on the size of the cat.
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Re: 1775: Things You Learn

Postby ManaUser » Sun Dec 25, 2016 5:48 am UTC

Sableagle wrote:
Pfhorrest wrote:The ability (or probability) of a cat to produce something I would call a "deep puncture wound" is what I'm doubting.
It does depend on the size of the cat.

But keep in mind, if you scale down a puma to domestic cat size, and shrink that donkey(?) the same amount, its neck would be larger than your finger.

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Re: 1775: Things You Learn

Postby niauropsaka » Mon Dec 26, 2016 9:04 am UTC

I think some of you misunderstand what "cat bite" refers to.

I've been bitten, hard, by an angry housecat, and gotten deep puncture wounds. It's much more painful the everyday nips and scratches one gets from cats, and going through it once is enough.

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Re: 1775: Things You Learn

Postby faunablues » Tue Dec 27, 2016 6:06 pm UTC

Ha, I like that this is a thinly veiled PSA about cat bites.

To you doubters - penetrating cat bites are serious. The reason this isn't a public nuisance is

    Most people leave angry cats mostly alone
    Cats usually first try swatting/scratching (not generally serious)
    Might then bite at you but not into you
    Then penetrating bind wound via their canine teeth

The reason a penetrating bite is bad is their canines are sharp and puncture easily when they mean it. It usually leaves a small hole that scabs over easily and doesn't allow for natural drainage. As a result, you get Pasteurella bacteria or some other little friend in there that has a new home to call on the neutrophils for an abscess. Abscesses can be annoying or can lead to sepsis. It's very hard to tell from a fresh wound if it'll abscess and how bad.

I am a vet and it is typical where I've worked to send anyone with a penetrating bite to urgent care for this reason (we are more likely to suffer these bites because when the cat is pissed, we still attempt to work with said cat, unlike your angry calico under your couch who doesn't want her flea medicine; and lets be real cats hate us or existing and touching them against their will). People who don't go (or simply didn't realize how deep it was) sometimes are fine, sometimes have a fun bruise and swelling the next day.

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Re: 1775: Things You Learn

Postby phaseolus » Fri Dec 30, 2016 5:09 pm UTC

First off, cats, even your regular old, purrs-if-you-scratch-its-chin housecat, can do a whole lot of damage if they really want to. One time, my ex's cat absolutely tore her hands up when my dad's dog pushed his way into the room they were in, and the cat tried to get away from her while she was trying to get the cat to safety. She was bleeding everywhere, she had scratches all over her arms, and a couple of deep bite wounds on her hands, and it apparently hurt like hell (although she did seek prompt medical attention).

Secondly, I feel like the lint trap thing should be a lot further to the right, on account of an excessively full lint trap being able to start a house fire.

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Re: 1775: Things You Learn

Postby webgrunt » Sun Jan 01, 2017 12:36 am UTC

Reka wrote:Aw, Randall has a kitten. :)

Maybe. I dunno. If I didn't have a kitten and I found a kitten that bit me so badly I got an infection, I think I still wouldn't have a kitten.

Okay, it was probably terrified. But talk about getting off on the wrong foot (or hand as the case may be...)

Happy New Year, everyone!

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