Stephen Colbert for president?

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If Stephen Colbert *actually did* run for PotUS, would you vote for him? (be honest now)

Yes, I think he'd make a good president.
Yes, but it wouldn't be because I thought he'd be a good president.
No, he wouldn't make a good president.
No, he's too far right wing for me.
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Re: Stephen Colbert for president?

Postby Eleyras » Sat Oct 27, 2007 7:27 am UTC

Solt wrote:Politics is a must in a democracy. How else do you ensure that the right decisions are being made, that everyone is being included? If the president just "cut the bullshit" and "made sensible decisions" based on his beliefs, do you think he'd do a good job? No, he would alienate a lot of people for not considering their views. Before long people would be calling for his head.

"Cutting the bullshit" is fine if you are running a dictatorship where everything relies on one person. But in a society like ours, politics, however tiresome it may seem, is necessary to ensure it all works correctly.

While politics is a must, it would be nice if the idea of "considering others' views" didn't appear as only more bullshit. If the president (or another politician) would make a decision based on some amount of logic and then share that logic with the people, including their consideration of others' views and a reason for not taking those views, that would be what I define as cutting the bullshit. It would introducing transparency and make me a lot happier with politics.
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Re: Stephen Colbert for president?

Postby thisisdavid » Sun Oct 28, 2007 4:55 am UTC

Obama's at 300 odd thousand members for his million man group after months... Stephen hits a million in little over a week.



let anyone tell you that online voting is a plausible idea.
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Re: Stephen Colbert for president?

Postby Devilsaur » Sun Oct 28, 2007 6:27 am UTC

Colbert's TV personality (which he'll most likely be campaigning as) is a character. This is pretty much equivalent to Steven Carell running as Michael Scott.

People are probably going to vote for him to make a statement, or at least indirectly make the statement, on how silly and how irrelevant the '08 election is to Americans.

I find it funny and depressingly sad at the same time.

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Re: Stephen Colbert for president?

Postby fjafjan » Sun Oct 28, 2007 7:23 am UTC

the one million strong for colbert is not a vote, first of all plenty of people there not from america but most importantly most people just like Colbert and supports the gag but not the actual nomination.
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