Obama sides with RIAA, Supports $150,000 Fine per Song

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Re: Obama sides with RIAA, Supports $150,000 Fine per Song

Postby Bubbles McCoy » Mon Apr 20, 2009 11:01 pm UTC

GoC wrote:Bubbles McCoy: Enforcing copyright is nigh-impossible. People are already moving to encrypted VPNs (Strong DC is a client for such sharing that doesn't require any evil piracy-supporting servers, merely people willing to share but it's not quite an encrypted VPN). Once they finish the move piracy will be undetectable unless NSA is willing to use several supercomputers per piracy case to dycrypt the stream.

They don't have to intercept and decrypt the streams, any substantial pirating effort will have to have a fairly lax recruiting mechanisms. The government can just get in the line anonymously, get the download, verify the illegality of it then start issuing court orders.

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