Sarah Palin Resigns.

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Re: Sarah Palin Resigns.

Postby EsotericWombat » Tue Jul 07, 2009 12:20 am UTC


Alleging liberal media bias is intellectually sterile in a system where in order to squeak by as electable you need to run at least twenty yards to the right of the Truth. If Obama had said without equivocation that American officials are guilty of war crimes during the election, Sarah Palin would be Vice President right now. Same deal if he'd referred to the "generation gap" in the military on Don't Ask, Don't Tell as what it is: institutional bigotry.

The mark of a journalist with improper bias is a failure to call the Democrats out when they find themselves peddling bullshit to avoid being cast as far-left ideologues. Of which Keith is anything but guilty. He's slammed Obama's record on gay rights, the prosecution of war crimes, and transparency. As well as his willingness to compromise to Republicans in ways that made legislation less effective without gaining any support for the measures by doing so. As well as shooing away the single payer crowd from the table when dealing with healthcare.

I don't even think "partisan" is particularly descriptive.

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