Balance Scale Variants

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Balance Scale Variants

Postby ekim » Thu Nov 06, 2014 8:22 pm UTC

Oh boy, we've seen a lot of weighing-things problems over the ages. I got sick of wading through them to figure out if I'm a duplicate, and it seemed like maybe it would be good to collect them all in one place. Here's a small attempt with my new one up front. Let me know if I'm missing any (or if any new ones are asked) and we can add them to the list:

N objects, all the same weight?

Find the odd-man out: (ordered by date)
Classic 12, one different
Classic 12 (again)
Classic 12, and generalizing to N
8 objects, one heavier
Classic 12 (again)
27 objects, one heavier
8 objects, one lighter
7 objects, two lighter (and equal to each other)
10 equal sacks with the possibility that one object has been moved from one sack to another

Making two piles (I remember seeing more of this type, but can only find this one which is worded a little weirdly):
2000 objects, half each of two known weights

All different weights:
Using blocks to build "standard" weights
N objects, find the two heaviest

Scale with a readout (not a pan balance):
100 objects, 1 heavier, known weights
5 objects, 1 different, weights unknown

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