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ACT Writing Test

Postby Mark_Cangila » Thu Nov 15, 2018 5:37 pm UTC

I just got my ACT and I did well on the composite (35). However, I did awfully on the writing test (5/12). I think it's because of my handwriting. Do you guys think I can go into a good college thru my writing test being carried by a composite (note: I am a freshman). Also, what can I do to improve my handwriting day of? I can't write neatly in 40 minutes normally.

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Re: ACT Writing Test

Postby freezeblade » Thu Nov 15, 2018 9:38 pm UTC

No thoughts on the "can I get into a good college" point, but for improving handwriting the key is to just practice. My major (Architecture) has a tendency to force all-caps block lettering into our skulls, via endless pages of mindless letter forming sheets. As much as everyone bitches about writing up 3 pages of the letter "A" It certainly seems to work, as everyone ends up with lettering that is pretty close to to the following forms

Nobody likes doing lettering practice, but perhaps find a personal style that you like and can be done quickly. If your hand is getting tired, it's possible you're holding your pen too hard, or using an "incorrect" grip

The "correct" grip is the dynamic tripod. Personally I can never get used to it, and am a "dynamic quadrupod" gripper. I do tire after a bit of writing though.
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