ITT: Rank Porcupine Tree albums

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ITT: Rank Porcupine Tree albums

Postby dedalus » Mon Sep 14, 2009 1:43 pm UTC

Well, since The Incident has come out, I thought it might be time to see what people have to say about PT albums. So, me first:

Deadwing - I'd seriously place this album in the running for 'best album of all time'. It's got two of my favourite songs, and the entire album fits together seamlessly.

Stupid Dream - I'd put this over the more heavier stuff because it's awesome easy listening but has so many good songs.

In Absentia - Trains, Collapse the Light, Gravity Eyelids.. Can't go much wrong here.

Fear of a Blank Planet - Nice blend of the softer (sentimental) and the harder (... pretty much everything else in parts).

The Incident - It's staying here for now because I haven't listened enough, could go either way.

LIghtbulb Sun - Russia on Ice alone should make this place higher, but the first half of the album kind of ruins it.

Recordings (B-side collection) - I really like Buying New Soul, and there's a lot of enjoyable material in here.

Stars Die/Up the Downstair/Signify/The Sky Moves Sideways - Honestly, putting these albums towards the end makes me feel bad; it's really not because they're bad in any way shape or form, but I've never listened to them enough and the others are just that spectacular.

On the Sunday of Life/Tarquin's Seaweed Farm - Personally, I find that these two (well... they're pretty much the same thing) hit about as many times as they miss. 9 Cats and Radioactive toy are good, but PT did a lot better in their other albums.

Metanoia/Voyage 34 - There was a time where I'd be really shocked by my inclusion of Voyage 34 at the end of the list, but apart from being a trip itself, the album isn't that spectacular when it's considered on Porcupine Tree standards. Metanoia is here because I just haven't listened to it enough; I know people that swear by it, but it hasn't struck me that well.

Nil Recurring - This comes dead last for a reason, and it's not because the songs are bad, but because the damn thing was NOT an album, and I really didn't appreciate paying 20 dollars for 25 minutes of music >_>.

To be honest, it's kind of funny, but I'm actually having to excuse myself for giving some albums low placings as opposed to justifying my top choices. Yeah... I'm a fan. Just wondering as well: what's everyone else's thoughts on the new album? I'm getting into it slowly, I like the music, but I'm finding that the gimmick of the so-called '55 minute long song' has just been annoying more then anything because there's so many songs that I'm having to dismiss as intro's or the etcetera... There's a few tracks that I'd prefer to see merged.
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Re: ITT: Rank Porcupine Tree albums

Postby talvinen » Mon Sep 14, 2009 3:38 pm UTC

1. Lightbulb Sun - I'm slightly annoyed by Four Chords That Made A Million (though I interprete the monotony of the song as part of the message), but this album contains some of the best songs PT ever recorded.
2. Fear of a Blank Planet - I am also a big Opeth fan, so the fusion of harder and softer parts is something I really enjoy in music. Also, it features the greatest intro evar (and Sleep Together is another masterpiece to end with).
3. Deadwing - not much to say here. It doesn't contain many masterpieces (aside from Arriving Somewhere But Not Here), but it's packed with overall really enjoyable songs.
4. Sky Moves Sideways - It's a question of mood, but although it's style isn't 'original PT', I really love to listen to Stars Die or the xxtralong version of the title song. (Also: Moonloop is great in one version. Dunno which currently.)
5. In Absentia - I might have rated this album higher in the past, but I 'grew out' of it. The first songs are really enjoyable at first, but tend to bore me a bit since then. I still love to listen to Prodigal or Strip The Soul now and then.

I have a hard time to align the rest of the albums. Didn't listen to Nil Recurring, so that's out of the picture. There are some brilliant songs scattered across the other albums (Sunday of Life has 3 of them, but out of 17 is probably not a good number). It would be easier to rate single songs at this point, not whole albums.

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Re: ITT: Rank Porcupine Tree albums

Postby Aethernox » Tue Sep 15, 2009 12:44 pm UTC

In Absentia.
For being completely and utterly wonderful.

Stupid Dream.
For being so very sentimental, especially to me.

For being better than most albums that aren't composed of B-Sides.

Fear of a Blank Planet.
For being okay. It's totally carried by Anesthetize and Sleep Together, however.

For Arriving Somewhere and Open Car, for the most part. Those two are masterpieces. Deadwing is much more generic sounding than the rest of their last half-dozen albums, really. I suppose some people might like it for that. It was my first PT album, though.

Lightbulb Sun.
It's okay, I guess. I'm not as intimate with it as I am with several of the above albums.

NIL Recurring.
Needs more Fripp. It was a fairly good listen when it was released, and I occasionally listen to Normal still.

The rest.

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Re: ITT: Rank Porcupine Tree albums

Postby tillidie » Fri Nov 13, 2015 12:31 pm UTC

PORCUPINE TREE - Tarquin's Seaweed Farm DOWNLOAD mp3
freehardmusic . com/albums/rock/tarquin%27s-seaweed-farm_4842.html
Definitely a great album, recommendable to all PT solid fans and to the "On A Sunday Of Life...." fans, even though I sadly notice that they aren't too many of them.

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