Australia, represent.

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Re: Australia, represent.

Postby JayDee » Sun Apr 27, 2008 12:50 am UTC

Gelsamel wrote:Wow seriously? I live... [in Ballarat] and goto Melbourne all the time and I never hear it. The only time I hear it is when people are making fun of the stereotype.
Well, I wasn't thinking of Melbourne. Ballarat is also a decent sized urban area. Go out to central NSW though, or rural WA or QLD, and you should be able to find plenty of people who talk like this. I knew some in Melbourne and know some in Newcastle now.

To be fair though, I don't just think of Strine when I think Stereotypical Aussie. I tend to think more "Loud, Beery and Obnoxious" as Brendan Burns proudly says. That's a stereotype that far too many people live up too.

On dead languages, we didn't learn them in any of the primary or high schools I went to. But I didn't think it would be right to go through university without learning one, so my electives are going towards Ancient Greek.
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Re: Australia, represent.

Postby hermaj » Sun Apr 27, 2008 1:42 am UTC

eternal luna wrote:Not any more. Lately we seem to be losing all the really, really good teachers. Mr Drew (woodwork) left a couple of years ago, and next year both Mrs Pigram (Latin) and Mr Dennett (History) are leaving too :(

*falls to her knees and howls with misery* I'll have to tell my friends, they might try to make it up there. My dearest lady friend was quite close to all three.

Do you have a picture of the new PE shirt? One of the guys in our grade put the stripes around the sleeves and possibly made it even more hideous, I'm curious about it now. I have one of the even older ones at home - in fact, I'll insert a picture of it.

27042008(001).jpg (61.13 KiB) Viewed 451 times

This is the shirt that was retired before the polo shirt, way before our time there. My friend's mum helped in the clothing pool and she found a big box of these babys, so she was handing them out to people in our grade that happened to be walking past. Our whole PD/H/PE class had them on over our shirts or jerseys and got yelled at by Mr Smith, who was filling in as deputy for that term. I don't know why he got so cranky about it, really, as we argued it was a uniform of sorts, and we actually wore it for PE practicals rather than our own clothes. (I don't know if it's still the case, but when taking PE as an HSC elective we didn't have to wear the uniforms.)

I remember Steggles, Fuggles and Elton, of course. Fuggles started the year we did. I went to the school at the very beginning of this year to pick up my old major works and catch up with Ms Mac, who has been my single greatest influence in wanting to get myself out of some emotional ruts and also become a teacher myself, and I met one of the new vices. Can't remember her name, but she seemed lovely.

As for Latin (since I should stop reminiscing and start contributing :P) we didn't have it for ages but campaigned for it. We're a selective school. Quite a few of us went on to be doctors and lawyers and historians and all sorts of things, and were strongly encouraged to do so, and a school background in Latin was put forth as being incredibly useful to people pursuing these fields since that's what the school wanted us to do anyway. Unfortunately our grade didn't get to do Latin as they introduced it as an elective for year 9 and 10 when we were already in year 9, so the first Latin classes were students from the grade below.

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