Joss Whedon doing writer things again.

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Re: Joss Whedon doing writer things again.

Postby CorruptUser » Mon May 21, 2012 3:46 am UTC

PerryDigital wrote:My favourite aspect of the whole movie

is that it clearly emulated the movie making people and then had the monsters turned on themselves. The two fellas in charge were clearly supposed to be Joss and Drew (the writers) and it ended with a character even named 'The Director'

I believe the mirror scene was a metaphor for switching the role of the audience and the people making the movie. Or something like that. I'm getting confused already.

But I loved it. I'm not a horror fan but I've loved everything by Joss.

Well, the eldritch abominations that end up consuming the world are supposed to be the audience; the movie studios keep pumping out the same generic horror/slasher movies each year with the same cliches, because if they don't the audience will destroy studios' world by not going to see the movies. We have all these stupid movies with 1-dimensional characters because we, the audience, demand it.

It's not just horror/slasher movies, but all movies and TV shows. Maybe I'm projecting here, but it may have something to do with Whedon creating intelligent shows that get canceled due poor ratings. It's partially my fault; I didn't watch Firefly until after I saw Serenity. On TV. Yes, I didn't even see it in theaters. Sorry, I was sick of having to deal with new shows constantly being canceled on Fox, plus the show was constantly changing time-slots so I didn't want to give it a chance. Forgive me Browncoats, I knew not what I had done!

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Re: Joss Whedon doing writer things again.

Postby eSOANEM » Mon May 21, 2012 8:34 am UTC

PerryDigital wrote:
The two fellas in charge were clearly supposed to be Joss and Drew

I see what you mean with all of this, but I just wanted to ask which way round you thought they were.
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